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Organizacijos pavadinimas: Italian AdHoc Facilities & FieldServices/ Italija
Apie organizaciją :

The company is a provider of a wide range qualitative and quantitative field services for various types of market research in Italy and around the world.

Our goal is to maintain the connection between users / consumers and research institutions by providing services and useful spaces for carrying out market research.

The main activities of Italian AdHoc Facilities & FieldServices is a recruitment of respondents who meet a specific target depending on the type of commissioned survey.

Internetinis adresas: http://www.italianadhoc.com/contatti.asp
Darbo pobūdis:
  • Tasks for the Marketing and Global Business intern position are:
  • Collaboration during the processes of selection and recruitment of the respondents of the interview.
  • Contribution of the respondents interview, administration of questionnaires.
  • Maintenance of processes of CAWI/CATI.
  • Assistance in the preparation and realization procedure of focus groups.
  • Communication with clients and promoting services.


Skelbimo data: 2017-02-01
Pasiūlymas/skelbimas galioja iki: 2017-12-31
Miestas: Milan, Italy
  • The position is for motivated, flexible and fast learning students who are interested in the field of organizing market researches.
  • B2 level of English is required.
  • Italian language skills are considered as an advantage.
  • Internships should last 5 months minimum.
  • Valuable experience of project management in the products testing field.
  • Friendly and helpful atmosphere in the office.
  • The renumeration is under agreement.

Please send your CV to marcoluciano@italianadhoc.com (Marco Luciano) with the subject line: "Application for the internship"

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